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Top benefits of hiring trucking services

While, many companies choose to have their own fleet of trucks to move goods and loads, it can prove to be expensive for the entire company. This is because buying a fleet of trucks, maintaining it, hiring multiple employees to keep it running smoothly, having technicians ready to go, getting approved and licensed, designing logistics…

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Logistics services in Vietnam

The term logistics appeared officially in the Commercial Law 2005, in which article 233 of the law indicates that: “Logistics services are commercial activities, whereby traders organize to perform one or more jobs including receiving goods, transportation, storage, warehousing, customs clearance, other paperwork, customer consultation, packaging, marking, delivery or other services related to goods as…

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Logistics providers will understand your business

It helps to improve the company’s profitability, while reducing operating costs as well as the price of the final products. With such great importance attached to logistics, it is hard for a company to trust their logistics with a third party logistics service provider. But, it can actually prove decisively successful in many ways. Here…

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Why choose our warehousing service?

We are proud to serve a wide range of customers across the country with our warehousing services, which are comprehensive, reliable and flexible – qualities needed to help businesses in this market. Our experienced experts design a supply chain map tailored to your business and logistics needs, with a focus on not only increasing efficiency…

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We are experienced and expert in the logistics business

Moving cargo is a difficult task that requires experience and expertise, because there are many things. Only delivery products are not on the stack here, but commitment and trust. And, any risk here can lead to the company having a bad reputation in the market, and will certainly affect the customer satisfaction it provides negatively.…

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